Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Through the Seasons" with the Seville Skirt

The Summer Season is slowly ebbing away in my part of the world.  Wardrobe Changes will soon be needed.

Can One Skirt span all the Seasons?

I decided to put my 'Pretty in Pink' Seville Skirt to the test!  Join me on this Fun Journey!

Let me begin by saying that I adore the combination of Pink and Black, along with hints of White or other colors!

First up is Spring:

This Sweet Short Sleeve Top is perfect as the weather warms up.

With a Lisbon Cardigan  along in case of a cool breeze my Spring Outfit is all set.

 On to Summer:

Wow, is it Hot out!

Change to a Breezy Vienna Tank, lose the nylons covering my legs and add Slide Sandles on my Feet!

That was Easy.  A Cool, Comfortable Summer Outfit!


Time to warm things up a notch with a Lightweight, 3/4 Sleeve, Rayon Knit Sweater.

Add some nylons to my legs  and Shoes with enclosed toes.

Top it all off with a Flowing Silk Scarf! Perfect....

And Now for Winter:

It's Cold Outside so First On Pull on Some Great Boots ( and also heavier tights if you want)!

Add a Warm Corduroy Jacket and snuggle up the neck with a Scarf  that has lots of wraps.

If more warmth is needed add a Hepburn Turtleneck under that Jacket and a Smart Hat and Gloves! All Snuggly Warm!

 And so the Journey through the Seasons is Complete!  One Skirt Can do it All.......

I'd love to see Your Seville Skirt Seasonal Outfits........Stitch one up if you haven't already and create your very own  "Through the Seasons" Fashion Show!

Have Fun With It.....I Sure Did!


  1. Beautiful - - you really have my brain working now - I need to think of ways to extend my wardrobe and you certainly helped! Great job - you look fabulous!!

    1. Thank you so much! With a bit of brainstorming and trying on of outfits so much can be done. Best wishes for your wardrobe planning.

  2. It really does look equally great with the boots and jacket. Love it.

    1. Thanks, it is such a Terrific Skirt Pattern. A real Staple for the Wardrobe.