Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bow Tie Extravaganza - A Family Affair!

Who dosen't love Bow Ties?  Now Everyone, including Fido and the Girls in the Family, can dress up with one!

421 Meyers Design Studio has a Great Pattern.  See the various options I've crafted from it so far.

Teddy in his Bow Tie
First up is the Dog Bow Tie:

This is a quick and easy make.  It uses velcro to attach to the collar.  Instructions for making a Collar are also included.

 I modified the pattern by using regular velcro (the pattern calls for Velcro One Wrap) overlapped by 1/2 inch.  Applying it with the Soft Side towards the Bow Tie keeps the burr side away from the Dog.

Velcro Attachment

Bow Tie Bracelet
Now for the Girls in the Family:

Little girls will love the Bow Tie Bracelet!  And even Moms can have fun with this little charmer!

The wrist strap can be lengthened by adding more jump rings or by making the fabric piece longer.

 I used tiny D Rings to attach the Clasp to the Bracelet.

And Finally, Bow Ties for the Guys:

Dapper Little Guy

Even the smallest Guy in the family can have his own Bow Tie. Optional sizes are included from Newborn, Boys, Teens and Men.

Regular Bow Tie hardware can be used but I used D Rings and a loop on this one I made since it is for a Baby.  This allows the Bow Tie to be worn loosely without coming undone. Adjustable BowTie Hardware is Great for other Sizes.

As you can see, matching sets are fun too!

Baby Bow Tie and Matching Bracelet for Sister

Whether just for Fun, or for a Special Event these Bow Ties are a Hit!

Sew some up yourself .

Bow Tie Hardware Available to Purchase in the Seaside Fabricrafts Etsy Shop.

Happy Bow Tie Sewing.....

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