Friday, August 5, 2016

Want Fabric Deals? - Don't Overlook the Thrift Shops

I love Fine Fabrics!  What Sewist dosen't?

In my area though, choices of Fabric Stores are very limited and the fabrics available in them is not the greatest.  No really Fine Fabrics.

Online Sources are Available but I can't Touch and Feel the Fabric, which really tells the story of it's Quality.

So what is a Girl to do in Her Fine Fabric Quest?

Check out Every Option where Fabric is Sold!!

Thrift Stores usually have fabric.  True, lots of it is junk but amongst the junk some real Jewels can be Hidden!

This Morning I discovered two Fabric Jewels in my local thrift shop.


First off, was 2 meters of a lovely Ivory colored Polyester Deluxe Chiffon.

While looking for a lining fabric my Hand Felt this Fabric and instantly knew it was a Fine Fabric.  A nice feeling lining really makes a garment a pleasure to wear don't you agree?

Only after examining the fabric closely, which is a must when purchasing fabric in a Thrift Shop ( it could be stained or something like that) did I see the Label.  I would have bought it anyway because of it's feel but the label confirmed it's Quality.

 The Price?  $1.99 marked down by 50%!  Into my Basket it Went!

The Next Treasure was 2.8 meters of this Rayon Challis.  Once again it was my Hand that told me it was a Fine Fabric first.

On the Cream Background are Sprigs of Leaves and Flowers in Brown and Grey.  I plan to bring some life to to this fabric by using a Black Rayon as an Accent either in a Yoke or Neck Binding or such. 

The Price?  $3.99!!!  Sold!

 I freely admit that my Local Thrift Store is my go to Fabric Source!  The Prices are Unbeatable.  The Thrill of the Hunt is Great Fun.  The Variety of Fabrics is more Stimulating than the average Fabric Store.

Not everytime do I find such Fine Fabric, sometimes it's Basic Fabric.  But Basic Fabric has it's uses and the Price is Right! 

So don't overlook Thrift Shops while hunting for Fabric Deals or Fine Fabrics.  Go on a Treasure Hunt! You may be surprised what you'll come away with!

Happy Treasure Hunting...

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