Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Scrap of Inspiration

We all have them.  Those small scraps of a Favourite Fabric that we just can't bring ourselves to throw out!

Such a Sweet Fabric Scrap
The dilemma is how to use them best.

With a bit of brain-storming and pattern adjustments they can take on a whole new life!

This Precious Scrap of mine became the Inspiration for a Cute Baby Girl Romper!

A Precious Scrap Used for the Yoke
There was just enough room to cut out the Front Yoke from this Scrap.  (to learn how I added a Yoke to this Pattern see  this Blog Post  )

Digging through my fabrics I came up with  Sweet Grey Polka Dot Flannel that worked well with the Yoke Fabric.

Baby Girl Romper and Headband.

It still needed something else to my mind.  Something sweet and girly.  Ah, a Ruffle.  I chose a Black and White Stripe Fabric for the Ruffle.  To tie everything together a narrow ribbon of the Black and White Stripe Fabric was also added to the Bottom Cuffs.

As a Final Touch of Sweetness, I Crocheted an Adorable Headband to Go with the Romper.  I used these You Tube Tutorials for the Headband and the Three Layer Flower .
A Black Button is sewn in the Center of the one I made.

This Fun Little Romper and Headband is now on it's way to a New Little Baby Girl. Can't Wait to see Her in it, although I may have to wait just a bit as it is a Size 3-6 months.

So there you have it. A Precious Scrap became the Inspiraton behind a Lovely Little Romper!

What other ways can scraps be used?  How about Bow Ties?  See this Blog Post all about making them.

I'd love to hear how you use your Favorite Fabric Scraps. Leave a comment below!

Happy Sewing.....

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