Monday, August 1, 2016

Handbag Heaven - Even YOU Can Make One

Maisie Bowler Handbag I Made

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my Favorite Handbag Pattern Sources.

 Alicia Miller is the woman behind the Swoon Sewing Patterns.

 One of my Favorites is the Maisie Bowler Handbag

 Isn't that just the Cutest Handbag you've ever seen?

I bet you're thinking 'I could never make one of those'. 
Let me assure you that you can!

Alicia's instructions and illustrations are clear and understandable.  And if you need some help join her Swoon Patterns Facebook Group. There Alicia and other members will help you with any issue you may have.

 So what else can you find at Swoon Sewing Patterns?

The patterns include Interesting Totes and Hobos like the Sophia Beach Tote and the India Hobo Bag 

There are Wallets, Clutches and Wristlets like the Pearl Wallet Clutch and theMarianne Clutch and Wristlet.

How about the Blanche Barrel Bag  for a fun bag....

                      And there are some Free Patterns too.
                      A great way to try out a new designer!



The Satisfaction that creating such Terrific Bags gives is Fantastic!  You'll be so Amazed and Proud of Yourself and so will Your Friends.  In Fact, I bet they will start asking you to make one for them!

So, Believe in Yourself, and start Swooning..... as we say.....

Happy Sewing!

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