Friday, August 12, 2016

Fabulous Reversible Bucket Hat - Free Pattern By Lost in Paris

Have you ever had trouble finding a Hat that Fits?

A Friend of mine has real trouble finding hats that fit her since her hat size is larger than the average woman.

This Friend gets Sunstroke very easily so in the Hot Weather a Hat is a must.  She wets the hats to cool her head better!!

So, she asked me to help her make a Hat or Two in her size.

First we tried drafting our own pattern following instructions found on the internet but that didn't work as well as we'd hoped.  Too much room for error in the fitting.

A well-drafted pattern is a thing of beauty when it comes to sewing!  Most of the patterns I love and make time and again come from someone who knows how to fine tune a pattern. (Like Kennis Wong who is the Creative Force behind the Itch to Stitch Patterns)

In my search for a good bucket hat pattern I came across tons of kids patterns.  But only a few for women.  Thankfully, Alyssa from Lost in Paris has kindly posted a Free Pattern for a Bucket Hat.
Here is the link:

I love free patterns.  Especially when its a new to me item to sew.  That way I can gain experience sewing the item, learn the ins and outs of it.

As it turns out this Pattern is Terrific!  Makes up into a Lovely Bucket Hat! 

I chose a Twill fabric in light Turquoise  for One Side and a White and Black Damask print Cotton for the Reverse Side.  A Striking Combination don't you think?  The colors are light so they will not absorb the suns heat as much, yet still have a nice colorful touch.

This was a Fun, Fast, Easy Sew!

Now I'm off to Stitch Another One up for Myself since this one is going Home with my Friend!

I'd love to see the Hat You Make from this Pattern.

Happy Sewing.....

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