Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Bonn Shirt and Dress - A Pattern with Flair!

Love these Flare Sleeves

Flair =  Elegance, Stylishness, Panache, Pizzazz, Class

All great words to describe the Bonn Shirt and Dress by Itch to Stitch!

And then there is Flare = A Gradual Widening

That too applies to the Bonn Shirt I stitched up!  It has Wonderful Flare Sleeves! Aren't they just Terrific?  I Love the Fun, Feminine, Dramatic touch.


Four Sleeve Options and Dress Option
If Flared Sleeves aren't your cup of tea, or you just want a optional style, the Bonn Shirt and Dress will still fit the bill.

Long Sleeves, 3/4 Sleeves, Short Sleeves or Flare Sleeves are all provided in this pattern.

Then there is the option to make a Dress instead of a Shirt.  What could be better than that?  From one Pattern you can Sew Up so Many Different Items!  Now that is Value!!

The Collar is really nice too.  A Modified Mandarin style that Lays Flat against your neck and enhances the gentle V shaped placket.  Very Flattering to everyone!
Flat Laying Modified Mandarin Collar

The Body of the Shirt is Easy Fitting.  Just the right amount of comfort factor yet still makes one look well put together!

Back View

Looks Great with a Skirt Too

Make it Dressy or Casual! See how well it Looks with a Skirt as well.

Either way you will be Totally in Love with it.

Now I'm off to Sew up another Bonn Shirt...or maybe the Bonn Dress this time...Give the Bonn Shirt and Dress a go yourself and add Flair to your Wardrobe!

Happy Sewing........

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