Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unleash YOUR creative talents!

All quilters have creative talents.  It just goes with the territory of the art of quilting.  Unfortunately, some quilters don't think they are very creative. How can every quilter "unleash" their creative talent?

Now days there are so many beautiful fabric collections from fabulous designers, each with a pattern or two for their line of fabric.  We may drool over these luscious fabrics and desire to recreate that quilt shown.  That's fine.  Do it once in a while.  But doing so all the time may actually be stunting our own creativity!!

Creativity is like a muscle.  The more it's used the stronger it gets.  The stronger it gets the more confidence one has in using it.  So how does one strengthen their creativity?  By using it.

Here is one way to "unleash" YOUR creativity.  Use only a few fabrics from that collection you love.  Let them be your creative jump off point.  Look thru your fabric stash to see what goes with those fabrics.  Try not to limit yourself to fabrics similar to what you saw in the store.  Try even fabrics you may not at first think would look good together.  Here is where reclaimed sheet fabric comes in. Throw some of it in the mix.  You may be surprised at what fabulous ideas come out of seeing all these fabrics piled together!

If it seems over-whelming, eliminate some fabrics.  Go with the combinations YOU really love.  Then, pick a pattern if you haven't already, and just do it!

Remember it's YOUR creativity.  Use it and it will get better and better.  You will become more and more confident doing quilts your way.  And your enjoyment of quilting will grow along with your creativity.

So now, go unleash YOUR creativity!

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