Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rags to Riches -- The Gemma Bag

Meet the Gemma Bag:   The newest creation from Seaside Studio Quilts.

Gemma was born in a thrift store.  She began as just another leftover scrap of upholstery fabric.  Despite her small size, her beauty caught my eye.  So she promptly came home with me.

I had big plans for this little gem!

Gemma's transformation entailed a few more trips to the thrift store.  Eventually, I had gathered all that was needed.  Now the creative process began in earnest.

First, I resized and tweaked a pattern until it fit Gemma's proportions and matched the form I wanted.  Of course, this pattern had been a previous thrift store find!

A lustrous quilted lining was created from a lovely sateen sheet, another treasure pick up from the thrift store.

A high quality shoulder strap that matched beautifully, just happened to show up at the thrift store too! 

Coordinating zippers too, were sourced at that wonderful thrift store.

The only part of Gemma's transformation that was not from the thrift store was the interfacing used to give her some structure, batting leftovers used in the quilted lining and thread.

Gemma is now having her debut introduction on Etsy, at Seaside Studio Quilts.

The Gemma Bag!  A true life rags to riches story!
Large Zippered Pocket Inside

Top Zipper Opening

Two More Pockets Inside

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