Friday, January 16, 2015

Quilt Batting - Waste Not, Want Not

Quilt batting can get expensive!  Yet every quilt has to have it.  Is there a way to cut the expense of batting?

Here is one way to do so.

Find a batting that you really like.  One that will work for most of the type of quilts you will make.  Then, always buy that batting.  Then you will be able to piece batting leftovers together to use in quilts.

It's not hard to do, and works just as well in a quilt, provided a few sensible guidelines are followed.

Here is my method.  Butt the two batting pieces together snugly but with no overlap. Join them by machine using a large zigzag stitch and thread the color of the batting.

When selecting the batting pieces to join, it 's best to use the least amount of pieces possible.  So try a few layouts with your leftover pieces to get the best combination for the quilt it is for. Take into consideration how you plan to quilt it.  Do your best to place the joining seams in areas where the quilting will reinforce it. Also check to make sure any joining seams will not show thru the fabric on the right side.

From a queen size batting, it's possible to make a large quilt and a baby/toddler quilt.  Only the baby quilt needs piecing and usually only two large pieces joined are enough.

What about all those really small/thin strips of batting leftovers?

Join them together to make a practice size batting piece.  When you want to try out new quilting designs or methods use this as the batting in the practice sandwich.

Those longer strips of leftover batting are great to use in other craft projects too.  For example tote bag handles.  Use the strips instead of interfacing to get sturdy yet supple, soft handles.

What other waste not, want not tips/ideas do you use in quilting?  I'd love to hear them!

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