Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eco-Friendly Quilting

Quilts are a symbol of caring hearts and hands.  That being so, being eco-friendly/eco-conscious in quilting would seem to go hand in hand.  How can we quilters become more eco-friendly?

One way is to use reclaimed sheet fabric in our quilts.  There is an abundance of fabric for use in quilts just sitting waiting in linen closets, thrift stores, garage sales etc.  Why not use some of this abundance instead of always buying new fabric?

As one starts to explore this rich source of fabric one thing becomes clear.  The variety is endless.  The possibilities for using these fabrics is limited only by one's creativity.

Sometimes I see a sheet with beautiful colors, but I may not be fancy on the pattern design.  If cut into smaller pieces , say 5" square, or a  2 1/2" strip, the pattern almost disappears and only those gorgeous colors pop out. 

Solid color fabrics are all the rage now in quilting.  Here then is a use for those solid color sheets.  Even white sheets in good condition  have their place.  So many quilts now have white backgrounds or sashing.  Why not use reclaimed sheet fabric for this?  You'll be doing your bit by using eco-friendly practices, and at the same time creating a caring quilt.

What other eco-friendly quilting practices do you use?  I 'd love to hear your ideas.

Did you know that using reclaimed sheet fabric contributes to your creativity?  Catch my next post to learn how.

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