Thursday, January 29, 2015

Colour, colour, everywhere.

One of the great appeals of quilt making is working with colours.

Some colours lift our spirits.  Cheerful yellows.  Spicy oranges.  Tangy greens.

Others calm and soothe us.  Soft greens.  Creamy neutrals.  Baby blues.

Chocolate browns,  deep grays, and navy blues make us feel grounded and steady.

Pure white refreshes.

Pinks contributes to a youthful feeling.

Turquoise, teals, and deep purples inspire feelings of an inner richesness.

Reds energize us.

Are there certain colours that you prefer to work with?  Do they inspire specific feelings for you?

Working with such an unending source of colour is a pure delight.  Is it any wonder then that quilt making becomes addictive?

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