Monday, October 10, 2016

Making a Quilt Come Alive - The Citrus Spice Quilt!

Quilt Squares awaiting a Great Layout

I've had these Quilt Squares, from this Free Pattern put together for over a year or more now.  I really love the colors together but didn't like them put together as in the pattern.  I  never could find a Layout for them that Grabbed me and got me Excited.

Has that ever happened to you?

While searching through my fabrics looking for inspiration for a Baby Quilt, I came across these Quilt Squares again.  They were Gender Neutral colors like I wanted so I started playing with them.

A Diagonal Layout looked good but something else was needed to make this Quilt Pop!

I auditioned various sashing fabrics...ho hum ...and various cornerstones with the sashing...again ho hum results.

Just before giving up on using these Quilt Squares I reminded myself to try anything I remotely thought might work..... experience has taught me this!

And....Wow did I find a Winner!

 Some leftover Striped fabric Squares I had saved from a previous project as the cornerstones made everything come together in a exciting way!  While they had none of the focus colors in them they coordinated beautifully.  And That Stripe!  It added a needed Graphic Element!  Once I settled on these cornerstones the choice of sashing was easy!  Not pure white, nor cream but an off white like in the cornerstones!
Striped Cornerstones make it Pop!

Once again inspired and excited to put this vision together I quickly went to work.

The result pleases me endlessly!

This is why I Love making Quilts...the creative process is challenging ..yet with persistence, ingenuity and determination..such a beautiful, exciting creation results.

Two things were extremely helpful to me with this Quilt.

First was having a Design Wall to try out layout etc on.  Mine is just a white flannel sheet tacked to a wall in my Sewing Room.  Fabric sticks to it well most times.  When joined pieces get heavy and want to fall off, I just hold them in place with pins into the flannel, ( but not into the wall behind! though I'm sure some have managed to make their mark).
My Design Wall

The Second thing to help was taking pictures of the various layouts etc with my cell phone.  Things show up in pictures that you can miss just by gazing at the design wall.  And I can refer to the photos at anytime to compare things.

I had just enough of the stripe fabric left to add a flange or flap.

Stripe Fabric Flange Added

Attaching Binding over the Flange
 It adds the final element needed to bring this quilt to Glorious, Vibrant Life!

Here's the finished Quilt.  I call it the Citrus Spice Baby Quilt! Isn't it Great? I just Adore It!!
Citrus Spice Baby Quilt
 So, crafting a Quilt has once again brought me immense satisfaction and delight!

What is your Quilt Design Process like?  What things help you with the Process? I'd love to hear them.

Happy Sewing..
Quilting the Citrus Spice Baby Quilt

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