Sunday, October 30, 2016

Personal Style -A Little Bit Bohemian

Boho Chic, or Bohemian Style!

 I've always been drawn to elements of this style. But other parts of my personal style are Classic, and Sporty.  Can these styles work together? Definitely because personal style is just that, what personally feels comfortable and is an expression of You.

My outfit shown here has a 'little bit Bohemian' touch that I just love!

The outfit makes me feel Feminine, Upbeat, and Relaxed.

 What makes it just 'a little bit Bohemian?

According to  How to Have Bohemian Style? key elements are:

1. "Layer your clothing. You are trying to create a sort of relaxed gypsy look. This means that you will want to layer clothes over each other to get a truly bohemian look."

2. "Choose oversized, flowing pieces. The whole idea of bohemian style is free and flowing. Long maxi skirts or peasant skirts are good ideas, as well as tunics and light tops. Anything that makes you feel light and comfortable is a good choice."

3.   "Emphasize your flowing pieces with one or two fitted pieces. Though you can certainly wear everything loosely fitted, if you want to, you can also throw in a few fitted pieces"
My Outfit has Layers,  a Flowing, Fluid Skirt and a Fitted Sweater.

I didn't follow this 'checklist' when putting the Outfit together.  Rather, I went with what worked for me.  Curious about why it came out a bit Bohemian I went online to do research and and these are the results.  Interesting isn't?

Even my choice of Jewellry was spot on "Add a few pieces of jewelry. If your outfit is pretty subtle, you can add a few bold pieces of jewellery". Once again from

So, the moral of the story is....go with what feels good to you when it comes to style.  And Experiment with various ways of combining pieces in your existing wardrobe.

The jump off point for my Outfit was the Skirt.  I needed another skirt since I've lost some weight recently.  So I Stitched up my favorite, the Seville Skirt in a gorgeous floral print fabric I had.  The Fabric goes so well with the berry colored turtleneck sweater.  Then for fun I tried on the Cardigan with it and Wow did I love that. After that, I knew my Boots were the footwear of choice.  And the  Berry Colored tights were such a fun accent to add.  The necklace was the final piece added.

I had Great Fun putting this together.  And wearing it out and about was oh so Wonderful.

I'd love to know what various styles you combine for your Personal Style.....

Happy Sewing and Styling!

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