Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Using reclaimed sheets in quilt making

Many quilters have never thought of using reclaimed sheet fabric in their quilts.  I'd like to mention some very good reasons to do so.

Before I do, however, let me reassure everyone that using good quality reclaimed sheet fabric does not result in a shabby, second rate quilt!!  Quite to the contrary, in fact.  Many times it's this fabric itself that makes the quilt shine.

Reclaimed sheet fabric refers to reusing a sheet for quilting instead of on the bed.  They can be ones you already own, thrift store finds and may include vintage sheets in good condition.  Many shops sell fabric from reclaimed sheets, or the entire sheet.  Good sources to keep in mind should you wish to start using them in your quilts.

The number one reason for using reclaimed sheet  fabric is PRICE. 

To back a quilt, for example, with a reclaimed sheet is way cheaper than buying new fabric for the back.  The cost of a reclaimed sheet is usually a small fraction of the cost of new backing material.  As an added bonus, usually one can find a sheet big enough to be a one piece back!!! Coordinating colors are not hard to find either.  I usually keep an eye out for appropriate reclaimed sheets and build up a selection of them.

Using pieces of reclaimed sheet fabric in the quilt top is great too.  Once again the cost is lower and there is a great variety of such fabrics out there to choose from.  I like to mix some reclaimed sheet fabric with new fabric in my quilt tops.  This keeps them from becoming shabby or tired looking.  Take a look at the picture below to see my latest quilt top using 2 reclaimed sheet fabrics plus 3 new fabrics.  Looks great don't you think?
In my next post, another good reason to use reclaimed sheet fabric in quilt making will be discussed.  Being eco-friendly,/eco-conscious, in our quilting.