Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pdf Or Traditional Printed Sewing Patterns - Which is Your Favorite?

Do you love to use Pdf Sewing Patterns?  Or do you prefer traditional printed patterns?

I use both!!  Each have their positive points.

Traditional printed patterns are easier to store: they fold up neater, and take up less space that way.  There is less prep work with traditional printed patterns before you can start sewing: just cut it out and go!

  Another great factor is availability of Real Vintage patterns in Thrift Stores!(or your Mother's Closet). Traditional Printed Patterns are available to order online also. In fact, I sell them in my Seaside Fabricrafts Etsy Shop!
Sample of Traditional Printed Patterns in my Etsy Shop
One of the best things about Pdf patterns is the instant delivery!  After purchasing it online, simply download it and print the pattern out.  Once the printed sheets are taped together you are all set to start cutting out the fabric!

Another great thing with Pdf patterns is that often the Designer is available to answer questions, give sewing suggestions and generally cheer you on as you sew their designs. For example, Itch to Stitch pattern designer Kennis Wong is more than happy to answer any questions regarding her patterns.  Below is one of my Favorite patterns from Itch to Stitch.

Vienna Tank by Itch to Stitch

Mostly, I choose which type, either Pdf or Printed, based on the Pattern itself.  Which means, if I find a great  pattern I want to sew, it dosen't matter if it's a Pdf Pattern or a Traditional Printed Pattern!

So, What about You?  Have you used both kinds of Patterns?  Or do you have a Preference?

Either way, Happy Sewing!

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