Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Modify a Pattern - Add a Yoke

This Cute Owl Romper was my latest sewing project.

 I'm quite pleased with how it turned out because the pattern originally had no Yoke.  I modified the pattern to add one!

This was the Original Pattern.  It has a center front seam and no yoke.

I wanted the Owls on the Fabric to stand out a bit more and thought a Yoke would accomplish that!

So, I decided to modify the pattern and add one.

Here's how to do it!

First trace the original front pattern piece and draw in the stitching line.

Trace pattern - add Stitching line - in Red Here

Then draw the yoke shape you want ( this pattern had a inside facing I liked the shape of so I copied it).

Draw in Yoke Shape

Next add seam allowances ( 3/8" in this case) to Both sides of the Yoke Line.

Add Seam Allowances to Both Sides of line
The Yoke piece is outlined in Blue.  Notice it extends only to the original stitching line( the red line).  The lower front piece is outlined in Green. Notice it extends all the way to the cutting line.

Next, trace the new yoke piece.

Trace new yoke piece

Next, cut the pattern apart following the outlines for the lower front piece.  Throw the top yoke piece you just cut off in the trash immeditately so no confusion can occur!

Cut apart on lower front outline and trash the yoke piece!
And that's it.  Now you have 2 pattern pieces.  The yoke piece you traced over and the lower front piece you cut apart.

Two pattern pieces ready to use

To stitch this up, just seam the lower front pieces together, then sew the yoke piece on.  From then on follow the regular sewing directions from the original pattern.

And here's my finished Romper with a Onsie! Cute isn't it?  I love how the front Yoke adds just the Look I was aiming for.

Go ahead and give it a try yourself!  Happy Sewing!

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