Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quilting -- Crafting A Better You!

Quilting/sewing/crafting can actually make one a better person!  Consider how this is so.

Recently, I decided that this tote bag needed a zipper closure instead of button and loop closure, since that would make it more practical to use.

The tote bag was completely finished.  To add a zipper would entail ripping out seams in the lining, and other tedious tasks.

It would requires patience, persistence, and determination........

These qualities also help a person deal with many situations in life in a positive manner. 

Who of us couldn't use more patience from time to time?  A patient person is a pleasure to be around.  So our relationships flourish.

To be able to persist in doing something of value, despite obstacles, results in confidence in oneself.  Self- confidence contributes to success in many areas of life.

Determination to stick to a course we know is beneficial, allows us to accomplish much good for others and ourselves.

Many other good qualities are strengthened by quilting/sewing/crafting.  Can you think of a few?

Here is the tote bag redesigned with a zipper closure.  Much better don't you think?  And my patience, persistence and determination has improved too.

So they next time you are faced with one of those oh-so-tedious sewing tasks, remember you are are building valuable life skills as you do it!

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